How our products are made



We begin by controlling and monitoring all of our raw materials, defining strict protocols and quality parameters. We grow mustard under organic certification in Patagonia. Our food security begins there, by taking care of the land.


Three stage production flow

  1. Dry milling
  2. Wet Grinding
  3. Aging


Looking for different seed sizes, along with ground seeds, pulp, or seed coat as bran. We are able to standardize raw material in a natural way and protect its organoleptic properties.


We start the hydration process according to the recipe of each product -without additives or artificial preservatives -using stone mills and fluted cones (both made of 316 stainless steel) we obtain the desired consistency.


With time on our side, we stabilize and balance out the flavors naturally. Every product has its own aging. For example, the Old-style Mustard is aged for 6 months.



Established protocols for physical-chemical, microbiological and organoleptic variables necessary for batch release. All our products have 100% traceability.


If you want to contact us or ask a question, do not hesitate to write. We will reply shortly.

+54 11 4551 6723

Pedro de Jerez 407 UF 1
CABA, Argentina

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